Adult English courses in London – tailormade programme

Do you want to learn English in London? Lingua Holidays organises English courses with a difference! With us, you can enjoy private English lessons with your teacher in your apartment while you have fun holidaying in London. Instead of going to school, our teachers come to your apartment or, if you prefer, accompany you on excursions and tours. Start your holiday on any day of the week and stay as long as you want. You can even choose the time of your English lessons and, with intensive, one-to-one lessons that focus on your specific needs, you’ll learn quickly. Our English courses are completely tailor-made, and lessons are exclusive to you and your party.

Enjoy private personalised English lessons in your apartment
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Stay in a luxury apartment in central London
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Experience London

See the sights and experience living in London! We will keep you up-to-date with what is going on in and around the city so that you can explore on your own or on a private excursion with an English teacher or Blue Badge Guide. Window-shop on London’s top shopping streets, pop into an art gallery or museum, take a walk in one of London’s many parks or sit and chat over a traditional British afternoon tea!

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Idiom of the week

Improve your English by learning and using a new idiom each week.

‘better late than never’

‘better late than never’

Meaning: it is better for someone to arrive or do something later than expected than not arrive or do it at all.

eg Student: ‘Here’s my English essay.’

Teacher: ‘You know this homework was due last week. Well, I suppose it’s better late than never.’