English lessons in the heart of London

Lingua Holidays was born from our shared passion for languages, travel and our fabulous home city!  The fact is, London is more exciting now that it has ever been.

For foodies and fashionistas, pop-up restaurants and bars sit alongside world-class cuisine. And sensational new fashion labels and contemporary art contribute to a constantly evolving creative landscape.

Year-round shows, events and exhibitions

Whenever you visit, you can choose from an ever-increasing selection of shows, events and exhibitions. Then there’s the city skyline, constantly evolving with the addition of new, ever more striking buildings and developments. The end result is that, alongside the city’s magnificent backdrop of English history and heritage, there is always something new to discover.

Immersive English courses

But to really get to know a city, you need to be able to communicate.  Spend time with locals and you’ll get to know the London that Londoners love. Better still, you’ll find that you improve your English a little bit every day. Just by investing a part of your holiday in learning the language or refreshing what you already know, you’ll get more out of your trip and return home with some invaluable skills!

Who are we?

We are local, London-born and speak several languages, including Italian, French and Spanish. Needless to say though, English comes first with all our guests!

Our careers span travel, tourism and teaching English as a foreign language so we love planning itineraries as much as we love teaching. Every holiday we organise is completely tailor made to our guests, both in terms of the English learning content and the activity programme. We are supported by a close-knit carefully selected team of English language teachers, specialist tour guides and Blue Badge Guides.