English lessons for business

Improve your communication skills in a work and business environment while you enjoy a holiday in London. With Lingua Holidays, you can take an English language course tailored to your specific needs. We plan our business English courses for anyone looking to enhance their position in the workplace by improving their English. Areas covered include presenting, pronunciation, fluency or written skills.

With English being the major language of international business, having a good standard of English in today’s commercial world is essential. Start by learning to communicate comfortably with English speaking colleagues and clients on a social level and follow up with a more bespoke lesson plan including any of these areas:

  • Boost your confidence in the workplace
  • Develop verbal and comprehension skills
  • Improve your pronunciation
  • Deliver effective presentations
  • Practise negotiating and interview skills
  • Focus on industry-specific vocabulary and language
  • Business correspondence and report writing