Learn English on a family holiday in London

With Lingua Holidays, everyone in the family can improve their English at the same time as enjoying a holiday in London. Our teachers come to your apartment and involve all the family in the thrill of speaking and learning English together. After that, you can head out to enjoy all the excitement of London as a family!

If you’re looking for a more immersive English-speaking experience, your teacher can accompany you on a selection of family-friendly outings. For example, take a tour of some of London’s most iconic buildings or climb high to get the best views of the city. Or you may prefer to pack a picnic and visit parks, green spaces and child-friendly museums. If you fancy a breath of sea air, you may want to take a day trip out of town to the seaside.

Naturally, our ‘family’ teachers are used to working with children and adults and will plan a tailor-made itinerary designed specifically for your family.

English lessons for families include:

Learn English through stories and games
Conversation skills
British culture
Exploring London

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Stay in a luxury 2-bedroom central London apartment!
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7 nights/10 hours of private lessons or excursions: From £730 per person
7 nights/20 hours of private lessons or excursions: From £830 per person

Our Standard apartments offer family-friendly accommodation in central London, with up to 2 bedrooms and a living-dining room

English lessons for all the family

Leave the rigid structure of classrooms and timetables behind and enjoy fun English lessons in your apartment. Lessons will be specifically planned to suit your family’s requirements.

Cafe scene in Hampstead

Conversation and practical English

Help your kids develop their everyday, conversational language by practising in shops, cafes, markets and in real-life situations. Explore London with your teacher to fully immerse yourself in British culture and get to see the city through the eyes of a Londoner.

Rye Castle

Visit castles, palaces and towers

While your children may not think they’re interested in English history, most children love a visit to a castle or ancient tower! Explore some of London’s most dramatic historic monuments, then head out of town on an organised excursion to Windsor or Rye.

St Paul's, London

Learn English with another family

Make learning English even more fun for your kids by teaming up with another family. You can stay in separate apartments but get together for tours, excursions and even English lessons. We can organise separate English courses for the adults and children and for different abilities.

Beach, Cornwall | Lingua Holidays

Add a beach or countryside stay to your trip

Add a week in the English countryside or by the beach and practise speaking English. We have strong links with several excellent family-friendly hotels and self-catering cottages in the Peak District, Yorkshire, Shropshire and Cornwall.