Family English courses in London


An English course for all the family sounds like a great idea this summer. But what’s the best way to make sure everyone learns and still has a good holiday?

Heading overseas with friends to learn a new language is great fun for teenagers old enough to be independent. A chance to explore the world, meet new friends and perhaps step a little out of their comfort zone. But what if your children are younger and not quite ready to make that step alone? And perhaps you might like the idea of learning with them? Our experience shows that the benefits of learning as a family can be enormous.

4 reasons to take a family English course in London

Spend precious time with your children

That short period of time when your children are still happy to holiday with you goes in a flash but the memories last forever. Have fun learning with them and exploring the city sights.

View  of London
View of London from Greenwich Park

Help your children learn English as early as possible

There’s simply no substitute for learning another language as a child. If they learn young, they’ll soak up vocabulary and language like a sponge. And just like riding a bike, those language skills will be there for keeps.

Introduce them to the fun of speaking another language

Show them how much you enjoy learning and speaking English and you’ll be amazed at how receptive they are. Better still, if they see you making mistakes, they’ll also accept the importance of having a go and not worrying about errors.

Learn and practice everyday language

While learning grammar and the basics of English is absolutely fundamental, there’s no substitute for being in London and actually speaking. Immerse yourselves in British culture and encourage your children to practise everyday language in shops, travelling on the tube and asking for information.

London underground
Exploring London’s underground network

English language course options

So you’ve made the decision to improve the family’s English. Now you have to find the right option for your family.

Summer family programmes at a language school

Many English schools in London offer summer family programmes, designed to help everyone improve their English. Typically, parents join standard adult classes and children study in separate junior classes for younger learners. As well as learning in the classroom, these may include trips and activities around the city and are therefore generally more suited to families with older children.

Stay with an English family

Another option is to book a homestay and experience British life at first hand. Naturally, some hosts only have space for one or two students so this tends to be a better option for solo students rather than families.

Book a private teacher for your family

At Lingua Holidays, we offer another alternative, and one that is specifically designed for your family. Book your accommodation either through us or independently and we will provide you with a private teacher who will plan classes and activities around your needs, focussing on the most important areas for your family. Don’t worry if you’re not all the same level – we have ways of making it enjoyable and educational for everyone!

National Maritime Museum
Visit the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich

How to make learning fun

We’re a firm believer in making learning holidays fun. After all, why be in a classroom when you can be out exploring? And because our courses are so flexible, there’s no such thing as a typical day. One day we might take a half-day walking tour of London, another day we might just plan a 2-hour lesson in your apartment, and then leave you free to spend the rest of the day as you please. What you can be sure of is that all the lessons and excursions are filled with fun activities, with games, puzzles and treasure hunts designed to improve everyone’s English. We’ll also give you plenty of information on things to do in London, on restaurants and shows, but will also suggest places that we love which may not feature in the guide books.

Battersea Power Station
See the new development in Battersea

When is the best time to take a language holiday in London?

Naturally, you’ll need to work your trip into school holidays. London is lovely in the springtime and at Easter, there’s so much going on, from Easter egg hunts to family-friendly shows and exhibitions.

Easter, Trafalgar Square, London

Interested in the Royal family? Book a visit in early May and enjoy the spectacle of London during the Coronation of King Charles III. The Coronation is on Saturday 6 May.

Flags on the Mall
Visit London during the King’s Coronation

The summer months of July and August bring their own attractions, including pop-up cinemas and bars, open air theatres and the simple pleasure of picnicking in London’s Royal Parks.

Paddington Basin

In the autumn, family-friendly attractions and museums quieten down in September as British children return to school. However, the weather can still be lovely which makes it an ideal time for exploring the city. Alternatively, think about a trip during the October school break when shop windows are filled with Halloween paraphernalia and the kids can practise all they’ve learnt in the new school year.