The advantages of private English lessons in London

Learning English

For anyone looking for an English course in London for adults, deciding between group classes or private one-to-one English lessons is often the first step. Certainly, if you are planning a trip to London to learn or improve your English, the range of options is enormous. Clearly what’s right for one person may not suit another so read on to help you make your decision.

How long do I need in London to learn English?

Some of us simply don’t have the luxury of spending several months in London to learn English. Family and work pressures mean time is limited and you may only have a week or two available. But how much can you realistically learn? This will, of course, depend on your existing knowledge and what you are hoping to achieve. Set realistic targets and you’ll be surprised by the results.

What if I feel nervous about speaking?

You may not have spoken English since your school days and feel slightly shy about speaking in public. A private English teacher will make you feel more at ease which probably means that you will speak far more in a private lesson than in a group class.

Will I learn more with one-to-one English lessons?

By starting off with a needs analysis, a private teacher will create material to fit your English requirements. For example, you may want some help with your social English to help you in a business setting. Or maybe you are an English teacher in your own country in need of a refresher course? The truth is that with a private English teacher, you can shape your own lessons and work at your own pace. With plenty of personal attention, you’ll get plenty of feedback and will be learning all the time.

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How expensive are private English lessons?

Taking one-to-one English lessons in London can be an affordable way of learning English. If you are holidaying as a couple, a family or a small group of 3 or 4 adults and happy to share lessons, the price of private English lessons in London can be cheaper than taking a group course. Also, as your lessons are intensive and very focussed, you will need far fewer lessons.

What about listening to people speaking English?

Hearing English is really important, particularly from your teacher. The disadvantage to being in a multi-national class where you speak in pairs or groups with other students is that you will be listening to their mistakes. Of course it’s also really important to listen to people speaking English outside your lessons, in the shops and streets.

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Explore London on your own or with your English teacher

Learning English for families

Watching children learning English is fascinating. They pick up speaking and listening quicker than adults so do better with pronunciation.  Under the age of 11, they are very quick to absorb expressions and intonation so communicating directly with their teacher is invaluable. For families taking a holiday in London, a private family English lesson is a wonderful way of spending time together. Book some lessons in your apartment and then set out to explore London and practise your new language skills while you’re having fun.