Choosing the best English language course

Learning English

Determined to learn English?  There’s a bewildering range of options when it comes to English courses for adults, language schools, online learning and other ways to learn English. The challenge is to find the right method to suit you and, of course, your budget.

The first step is to establish why you want to learn English and what you want to achieve. For many, it may be for professional reasons or simply a personal challenge. For others, it’s a way of getting to know new-found friends or members of the family by being able to communicate better in the same language.

The second consideration is a question of timing, availability and where you want to learn English. For anyone wanting to find out how to learn English quickly, we look at some of the options. It is, of course, possible to learn English online or at a local school. However, let’s take a look first at the best English courses in the UK for anyone who wants to combine English language learning with a holiday.

Finding the best English courses in the UK

Once you’ve made the decision to spend some time in the UK to improve your English, you’re unlikely to regret it. Whilst grammar, vocabulary and those tricky phrasal verbs are undoubtedly important, getting to grips with the English way of life also counts. If you study English in the UK, even if only for a short time, you’ll naturally get a little taste of the English sense of humour and better understand our culture.

The best English language schools in London

Explore London while you learn English
View of Tower Bridge, London

Next, you need to find the best English language school for you. There are some excellent English language courses around the UK. Schools in Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Bristol, Liverpool and Edinburgh tend to top the list. However, for many, and for obvious reasons, learning English in London remains the number one choice.

Group English classes or one-to-one lessons?

Deciding whether to learn English in a group or in private one-to-one lessons is not merely a matter of money. On the face of it, private lessons will appear more expensive. However, remember that the class size at many English language schools in London is typically around 12-15 students. This naturally means fewer speaking opportunities.  Instead, by choosing private lessons that specifically target your needs, you’ll advance more quickly and so ultimately need fewer lessons.

Consider also time pressures and how much flexibility you need. With Lingua Holidays, you can brush up on your conversational English in just 4 or 5 days in London. Choose between a fully immersive experience or spending a couple of hours with your teacher each day before exploring on your own. The real benefit to this sort of learning experience is you can choose as many intensive private lessons as you wish. You can even opt for more practical lessons, visiting some of London’s top sights and attractions with your teacher.

Practise speaking English at Borough Market, London
Visit London’s top markets with your teacher

Learn English online or take local classes

Of course not everyone has the time or resources to visit the UK to learn English. Fortunately, there are plenty of other options! Choose from a selection of English courses online or find an online English tutor to help you at home, possibly via skype. Learning English via Youtube, Instagram and other online platforms are also good alternatives to English language courses abroad. Finally, do check to see if there are any free English courses or conversation classes near to where you live.