With Halloween approaching, thoughts are turning to ghosts, goblins and ghouls. What could be a better time to visit north London’s atmospheric Highgate cemetery?

Highgate Cemetery is the final resting home of over 170,000 people in 53,000 graves. There are also several very famous residents, including Karl Marx, Malcolm McLaren, Douglas Adams, poet Christina Rossetti and the novelist George Eliot. This is also where the singer George Michael was buried, although in a private part of the cemetery, not accessible to visitors.

Despite the big names, it is the Victorian mausoleums that are the main attraction for many. You could easily spend hours wandering round the overgrown graves and elaborately carved tombs guarded by graceful angels.

There are two main sections to the cemetery.  Admission to the eastern side is by timed entry and you can wander at leisure.  If you want to visit the western side, you can choose between open access or booking on to a guided tour. If you plan to visit both sections, buy a West Cemetery ticket which includes access to the East Cemetery.

For all information on opening hours, admission details and contact details, visit the Highgate Cemetery website.