Looking for a mid-term winter break? Traditionally a snow & ski week for many countries, the February mid-term break is perfect for a short stay in London with your kids. A chance to brush up on your English and catch up on museum visits. Or perhaps the odd show if the weather’s not at its best?

Other reasons to visit in February? Well, firstly, accommodation costs much less than in the summer months. Secondly, many of the leading family attractions are considerably quieter during February.

However, do try to pick a museum that will hold the kids’ interest. Items and artefacts behind glass cases may not immediately grab the children’s attention but we can guarantee that any explorers in the family will love the HMS Belfast! The magnificent World War II Royal Navy Warship is moored on the Thames, offering thrilling views of Tower Bridge.

There’s plenty to see on deck, with ladders to climb between the nine decks and gun turrets to marvel at. On the upper levels, you can sit in the Captain’s chair and learn about the gunnery control systems. Or head inside where highlights of the lower deck include the shell room and an interactive steering experience.

You can also discover what daily life on board the ship was like. Visit the sick bay, dental surgery and mess deck, and learn about the challenges of feeding nearly a thousand hungry sailors each day!

HMS Belfast